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The Breach

2010-07-31 15:37:12 by game-man177

This game is epic. I recently played a game here on It's called The Breach. It is a space zombie killer. IT'S EPIC. The story goes, there is a ships officer going back to earth. After being assigned to a emergency mission, he goes to the ship. The ship he is going to is called the Hermes. He arrives on the ship.
The officer travels through the Hermes and ends up finding a dead crew member from the Hermes on the floor. As i walk towards it ( I say " i " because it is a game and I'm playing it) It starts to fling itself in a
manner that is quite disturbing. And you can tell what com up next, right?


Well guy's, i give up. I guess my flash wasn't supposed to be. My computer crashed a couple days ago and wiped all the memory with it. It seems like one thing after another always happens when i am doing good on a project. I guess it was never meant to happen. Huh...


2009-12-04 18:38:43 by game-man177

I'm trying to get some voice actor to put some voices in the flash. I can not wait!

FLARE: The Mind Conspiracy
is almost here.

Making a flash is

2009-11-24 19:35:59 by game-man177

Yo,what up. Its your boy, GAME-MAN177,wazz up. Man before i made my flash,i thought i would be as easy as shyt. Well later,in the middle of the flash, i gave up because of all the shyt i had to do to get it right. Then, 2 months later, i tried again. Still could not get it right.MAKING A FLASH IS HARD!!The 3,and a half weeks later finally finished it BUT i had to do this bis arse moforking thing with some dum arse flash messed up on the sequence. And now im sittin' here showing u this on newgrounds telling im still working on it. Well there my hell of a news post. i hope yous is better.

im new.

2009-08-14 21:32:26 by game-man177

hello,guys! im me about any ideas for any thing.i dont have flash player yet so any thing you want me to make may take a good 1-2 weeks.